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Sunday, September 30, 2007

10 simple motivation tips

1) Set realistic goals that will be challenging but achievable.
2) Make a list of reasons that you'll benefit when you achieve your goal.
3) Make a commitment as to when you're going to work on your task - schedule the time into your diary.
4) Break large challenging tasks into smaller incremental tasks that are easier to manage.
5) It's sometimes easier to start a large task by getting the shorter, easier task done first.
6) Ask for help if you need it - don't wallow and procrastinate if you get stuck!
7) Try looking at your task in terms of the long term benefits to your life, or the role of the task in the big picture.
8) Try to minimize the personal problems which distract you from your important goals.
9) Relish your successes and don't beat yourself up about your failures - instead learn from them so you don't repeat your own mistakes!
10) Reward yourself when you finish something difficult or achieve a goal, no matter how small - and relax and have the occasional blowout after you've accomplished something major!


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